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My old bio mentioned the MobiBLU cube and that's probably been obsolete for more than ten years. Hello! Here is another bio. A different one.


Punch Line!! Panty Panic GO!!! by Scarabsi
Punch Line!! Panty Panic GO!!!
DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW AT ANY COST IT WILL RUIN YOU anyway it's pretty good I recommend it
Status updates? Is EVERY website trying to be Facebook or is dA just that far behind the times and that much of a poser?
OC: LA: Returning Home by Scarabsi
OC: LA: Returning Home
Just got the DeviantArt app, FINALLY? So maybe it'll be easier for me to upload pictures now (since I primarily scan with my phone nowadays).

According to the app I've been around here for ten years. o_o So, uh, happy ten years to me I guess.
GaiaOnline: Dumb Mortals by Scarabsi
GaiaOnline: Dumb Mortals
Been shipping these two dumb besties for five years. I can’t wait for them to move into a peaceful farmland in the middle of nowhere and raise fifteen children.

Been a while since I did a DA submission, let's see if I can remember all my usual routines.

Characters (c) by Gaia Online.
I am not making money off this work. Heck, I'm barely making pageviews off this work. So please don't feed me to Nyx.

Yeah I think that was right.
Ohw od i kool ekil, annataz? :V

Tagged by :iconrobancrow:!

1. Post the rules.
2. Share 5 things about yourself, and answer the tagger's questions.
3. Come up with 10 questions and the tag people you want to see answer them.

I. I have the Batmobile Pocket Manual in my pocket.
II. I should have gone to the restroom back when I was on the fourth floor.
III. My hair desperately needs cutting; now if only my relatives would stop telling me how much "better" I look now that my hair is a little longer.
IV. I have to say my school semester thus far has been pretty whelming.
V.  Yes, a perfect gift for me is a smile as wide as a mile! To make me happy as can be, smile!

WARNING: the following answers might become a little long-winded and I apologise in advance.

Questions from :iconrobancrow:
1. What is your favorite mythological creature? I find it really difficult to pick, since they come in all kinds of varieties. Overall, I'd say dragons, just because they're so universal across human culture and they're always interesting. From Europe: unicorns, because they're so mysterious and every myth I hear about them is different. From Asia: since Jiang Si is more like a monster than a creature, Qilin because they're beautiful and prosperous and cool. From Americas: theRobin, because they're like unicorns and are mysterious and every myth I hear about them is different.
2. If they were kind enough to offer you a request, what would you ask your favorite artist to draw or author to write for you? AHHHHH I freak out whenever anyone asks me this question. I DON'T KNOW?? I'd be so moded over the pressure of someone putting themselves through all that trouble FOR ME and then I just feel bad! I'd probably prefer someone to draw or write the thing they've always secretly wanted to do but was afraid of getting in trouble or of people not liking it. Failing that (some people don't have that or do it already) I'd want them to draw their favourite character, whether it's OC or fanart.
3. What is your favorite insect? I kind of want to say cordyceps just because they're so fascinating, but they aren't insects so much as funghi that possess insect corpses (and also they're kind of gross but that's why they're cool). So, it's dragonflies. Ever since I was little I loved dragonflies, because their bodies are so colourful and their wings are so delicate and beautiful. I remember always arguing with my female classmates over dragonflies being infinitely more beautiful than gross butterflies, whose beauty are superficial; take away their flashy wings and they look gross. Dragonflies are beautiful everywhere. :V
4. If you could move--a one-way trip--to the world of a book, movie, game, etc, which would you choose and why? This is a hard question, but from the most practical and realistic standpoint, if this was a real choice I would have to make (like, say, this world was crumbling and I had to run away from it), I would pick the world from Ouran High School Host Club. It's a world where everyone is a good person inside, and sooner or later you are accepted for who you are, and people will see you for how you are unique and amazing in your own way. You wanna be a crossdresser? That's fine. Transvestite? Fine. Transgender? Who cares. An idiot? That's fine too. You can even be a literal femiNazi and people are just slightly put off by your extremism, but won't hate you for it. Above all else, it's a world where doing the things that make you happiest is straightforwardly the best way to make the world a better place. You can choose to go first, you can choose to go last; just as long as you go, you'll be okay!
5. How often do you watch the sunrise? The sunset? Despite my terrible early-morning habits, I actually don't spend many sunrises looking at the actual sunrise. Usually I experience them as my room lightening from pitch to charcoal from the scant light filtering in from my badly-angled window. Sunsets, however, I end up watching quite often, because a lot of my driving is during that time. It's my second-favourite time to be outside, only second to noon/afternoon because it quickly turns from a beautiful symphony of gold into an ugly, flat world of grey and suck.
6. Can you listen to a single song for days at a time? Forgive the cliché, but it depends on the song. Some songs I like, but can't listen to more than once at a time (Viva la Vida, Somebody I Used To Know, Gangnam Style). Some songs I like, and I can listen to them forever (Super Friends, Some Nights, Love Song). Some songs I don't like, or actively hate, but still for some reason I can listen to them forever (Call Me Maybe, What Makes You Beautiful, Beauty and the Beat). Generally the first type is green or blue, the second type is deep pink or magenta, and the third type is some combination of the two but with terrible terrible lyrics.
7. What is your favorite place to lounge? My school lobby, my bed, the library. . . If I can do a Slouch of Villainy on it, then it's good. :)
8. What art style pleases you the most to draw? To view? I'm happiest when I manage to balance my "anime" tendencies with semi-realism or western animation, especially because I feel like my art expression is most free when they don't have to be weighed down by a stylistic stereotype, which usually comes with "anime" or "Disney" or "is that supposed to be you?" styles. When it comes to viewing, I really like styles in which proportions are more anatomically realistic, but at the same time I'm also fond of highly stylized cartoons which manage to express themselves very well (though those are much harder to pull off). I think my favourite styles ever are those of Blue-Fox and chirart, who manage to seamlessly combine the two criteria in the most beautiful way possible.
9. Describe the best hug you've ever had. I give hugs often, and usually am the most experienced hugger, so it's difficult for me to remember, but there was this one time when someone picked me up mid-hug without warning and swung me around. It was a lot of fun. From an emotional standpoint, it'd have to be with my cousin. . . let's call him A, who I always feel a little emotionally intimidated by. My sis and I were about to go back to our hometown, and he came over and gave me a really heartfelt hug, even without my asking.
10. What kind of underwear do you feel most comfortable in? This is going to sound weird, but I usually wear two different kinds of underwear at the same time. Haha. Uh. . . I'm a little nervous about saying which kinds they are, though. I'll just clarify that neither of them are briefs.

HAHA SORRY THAT TOOK FOREVER. Now, some ten questions of my own:

1. How many layers of clothing are you typically comfortable wearing, and why?
2. What is the strangest food you can remember eating?
3. What is your favourite surface or texture to draw on?
4. Growing up, was there ever anything that all the other kids just kind of knew, and adults expected you to know already, that you were never told or taught until later on in life?
5. If you had to go undercover somewhere, what clothes would you wear, and how would you act?
6. What is the stupidest way that you have accidentally hurt yourself?
7. What is/was your favourite subject in school, and why?
8. Write a description defending one of your guilty pleasures, or explain what parts of it you enjoy.
9. How do you walk?
10. What kind of things do you think of when you first hear about an upcoming holiday?

As usual, I don't like it when people do memes and then don't tag anyone, so I will most definitely be tagging people. However, you are completely free to ignore the tags, and I will not be offended or hurt if you decide not to do it; I completely understand, dude.

I tag:
:iconmirrankei: :iconchimegumi: :iconirridesense: :iconnargirl: :iconimixikyx: :iconjashin-chan: :iconyoakekodomo:
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